Sukumvit's Labyrinth : wanna get lost ?

A 6-level, non-linear custom dungeon designed for Return to Chaos.

Fang, capital of Chiang May province, a beautiful and calm city, but too small for its governor, the evil Baron Sukumvit. To provide trade and attract foreigners, he created a new competition : the Trial of Champions.
Fifteen years ago, he invented the darkest and most dangerous dungeon ever. During five years, all people who tried to find the way out never came back.
But ten years ago, a mysterious adventurer won the first Trial of Champions and got very rich. Then, a new dungeon was created... Again five years later, a courageous slave won the second Trial and got freedom.
This year, the 1st of May 623, a new dungeon has just been constructed : darker and harder than the previous ones...

Download last version here.

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Kliber said...

Great Dungeon, I like what I saw so far.. Waiting for the Forest...